Zlatan And Mings Facing Charges After Clash

The Bournemouth defender Tyron Mings and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who needs no further introduction, are now facing FA charges due to violent conduct.


The charges concerns an incident during a recent game which finished 1-1 between Manchester and Bournemouth. After Mings landed an ugly tackle a

gainst Rooney, which also took out Ibrahimovic and landing on his head. Ibrahimovic, who is not exactly known for his mild temper, shortly after the incident found himself in a duel with Mings yet again, who in this instance fell to the ground after catching Ibrahimovic elbow to the face. Ibrahimovic and Mings were not the only ones involved in this incident as the Bournmouth goalie Andrew Skipper was sent off after pushing Ibrahimovic in the chest and thus receiving his second yellow card of the game.

Should they be found guilty by the panel, Zlatan risks missing out on the important FA cup quarter final and a couple of league games, while Mings risks an even longer punishment.

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